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Pathfinder Classes

Play Manga d20 introduces 15 new classes for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.

Anime Classes

Adventurer: The adventurer is more than just a generic hero hired to stop some goblins, and as a member of this class, characters gain specific abilities that help them directly when it comes to surviving in the world against monstrous foes.

Dynamic Sorcerer: Where fantasy sorcerers control magic through the power of their bloodlines, dynamic sorcerers bend the fabric of reality itself, with the potential to create any spell from the right components.

Giant Robot: Giant robots treat their race as a model, and their progress is tracked by the upgrades and modifications they gain over time, including the ability to change their size at will, or transform into a different robotic form entirely.

Gun Bunny: Firearms and explosives are the gun bunny’s bread and butter. A character who joins this class can expect to wield more powerful bombs and deadlier guns against just about any threat.

Hot Rod: Hot rods are rofessional racecar drivers who may or may not act the hero when the call for one comes. Whether or not they’re sponsored by an organization or acting as a scrappy loner, these characters can achieve surprising results with or without their vehicles in a number of situations.

Magical Hero: Many a good manga focuses on one or more normal kids who find and wield amazing power. With a strong mentor by their side, and often a magical artifact granting them special abilities and transformations, magical heroes face their enemies with a brave outlook and a need to protect their loved ones.

Martial Artist: When portrayed through the lens of anime, martial artists have the strength and talent to fight off dangerous creatures, from undead to robots, with little more than their fists. While not inherently supernatural or magical, they practice techniques that can appear so.

Mech Pilot: When giant beasts threaten cities and the world, mech pilots are called in to send them packing. The bond between a mech pilot and their giant mobile armor makes them the best choice for such battles. In situations where a gargantuan robot can’t help, they have a good number of skills to help them survive as well.

Ninja: Anime ninjas are no mere assassins or sneaky thieves. They’re organized warriors who protect their people through subterfuge and supernatural talents learned in specialized schools. When the going gets tough, they believe in themselves and their allies, and through perseverence find answers to some of the most challenging questions.

Pet Monster Trainer: Magic in manga can appear in many different forms, and the pet monster trainer takes advantage of one of the more interesting choices. By capturing creatures and raising them, the pet monster trainer taps into their companions’ abilities to become the very best at what they do.

Samurai: Adventuring samurai walk the land in spectacular armor, inspiring the commonfolk and evoking fear in their enemies. Brave warriors, they hold true to the code of their daimyo while working toward their own goals.

Sentai Member: The sentai member is natural addition to any team, not just other sentai members. Such are their gifts that they can adapt them to help whatever group they happen to be a part of at any time.

Shapechanger: The ability to change one’s form into another creature with little more than concentration is something that several characters in anime learn to do to some degree. Those who commit to this learn different and more powerful forms over time.

Student: Never underestimate the student in a manga. Years of education in their field not only makes these characters experts in that area, but also teaches them how to survive in a number of potentially life-threatening situations.

Tech Genius: Tech geniuses are students with a stronger focus on robotics and technology. They take that knowledge and turn it into interesting and fun alternatives.

Fantasy Classes

After the anime classes, we also break down each of the core classes as well as the summoner from The Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. Each class is given a summary which balances it out against 300 points, at approximately 14 points per level (plus 20 points at 1st level to represent all of the things a 1st-level character gets). As with the anime classes, fantasy classes receive 1 or more archetypes that provide different ways of playing them within the setting.