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Pathfinder Races

Play Manga d20 introduces variations on 5 races from the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, as well as 2 new races.

Androids: Robotic humanoids created for the purpose of helping other races with tasks not usually suited to living flesh. These characters can be as mechanical or emotional as they see fit.

Catfolk: A classic staple of many anime stories, catfolk are known for their coy behavior and eccentric attitudes toward other races. Among their own kind, they’re more akin to modern humans or gnomes in ideology and lifestyle.

Dhampir: Horror stories in manga hold dhampir as a staple race. Descended from vampires, these characters may rise up and fight their progenitors, or they could side with their sires to fight rival monsters.

Hedoro: A more recent addition to the concept of anime and manga characters are the hedoro, or chemical slimes. Members of this race have been transformed by magic or science into the amorphous form they now possess.

Rabbitfolk: Counter to the catfolk are rabbitfolk, whose outdoor living and means of adventure rivals traditional fantasy elves. They are known for their powerful hearing and acrobatic capabilities.

Ratfolk: Ratfolk are experts at crafting and learning modern technology, adapting it to their needs on the fly. Agile and Intelligent, they can break into a computer as easily as a building.

Turtlefolk: As the historians of the world, turtlefolk have spent generations documenting the highs and lows of society on its march toward the modern day. After a massive war with the denizens of the underground, they have adapted their methods and learned better ways to keep their hard work safe.

Fantasy Races: From angels, to devils, and everything in between, fantasy races are summarized on page 4 for those who would benefit from playing a dwarf or elf.