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Symbologist (Wizard Archetype)

Symbologists are practitioners of mystic arts who have developed a means of casting spells with only hand gestures. As their mastery increases, so too do the complex and strange nature of their powers.

Class Skills: At 1st level, a symbologist adds Perception and Sleight of Hand to his list of class skills and removes Fly and Linguistics. This alters the wizard’s class skills.

Symbolic Spells (Ex): At 1st level, a symbologist gains Silent Spell as a bonus feat. When preparing spells for the day, the symbologist can apply this feat to a number of spells up to his Intelligence modifier + 1/2 his wizard level without increasing their spell level. Those spells instead gain a somatic component, and a spell with two somatic components as a result requires both of the symbologist’s hands to be free in order to cast it. This replaces bond and Scribe Scroll.

Spell Feint (Ex): At 1st level, a symbologist can use Sleight of Hand to feint in combat with a bonus on the check equal to his Intelligence modifier. If the symbologist successfully feints against a creature, the next spell he casts does not draw attacks of opportunity from that creature.

Beginning at 5th level, a symbologist can use Sleight of Hand to feint as a move action. This becomes a swift action at 15th level.

Beginning at 10th level, the symbologist adds half his total ranks in Sleight of Hand as a circumstance bonus on caster level checks to overcome a creature’s spell resistance.

At 20th level, a symbologist no longer draws attacks of opportunity when casting any spell unless a creature succeeds at a Perception or Sense Motive check (DC 10 + the symbologist’s total Sleight of Hand bonus). The symbologist can still attempt to feint against a creature that succeeds. This replaces bonus feats.