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Combiner (Giant Robot Archetype)

Some giant robots are actually a combination of several smaller robots who work in concert. When the challenge calls for it, however, they can revert to their smaller forms to get jobs done quickly.

Large (Ex): Combiners always begin as Large-size at 1st level. This alters size increase and, if the giant robot’s model is usually Small, replaces the customization gained at 2nd level.

Weapons Cache (Ex): A combiner begins play with 4 weapons with which it is proficient, but pays 1-1/2 times the cost to enhance its armor and shields (150 cy for +1, 600 cy for +2, and so on).

Separated Form (Ex): As a full-round action at 1st level, a combiner can break itself into four Small-sized robots, each with their own personalities and appearance.

Each smaller robot is identical to the combiner, except as noted here. This is instead of changes made due to size and other factors.

  • 1/4 of the combiner’s current hit points, rounded down.
  • The robot gains one Small weapon of its choice from the combiner’s weapons cache.
  • A –2 penalty to all weapon damage.
  • The –4 size penalty on Stealth becomes a +4 size bonus instead.
  • The smaller robots share their multiple attacks beyond the first. For example, a 6th-level combiner that breaks into its smaller robots gets 4 attacks at its highest bonus plus 1 additional attack made by any of the smaller robots at a –5 penalty.

The combiner can choose for all of its other equipment to either meld into the smaller robots or fall to the ground. It can reform itself as a full-round action if all of its smaller robots are conscious and within 10 feet of each other. When it does, all of the smaller robots’ remaining hit points are added together and become the combiner’s current hit points.

When the combiner becomes Huge (usually at 7th level), its smaller robots become Medium, gaining Medium weapons and no bonus or penalty to Stealth for their size. When the combiner becomes Gargantuan (usually at 14th level), its smaller robots become Large, gaining Large weapons with a –4 penalty to weapon damage and a –4 size penalty on Stealth checks.