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Dhampir Gunlord (Gun Bunny Archetype)

Gunlords are dhampirs with a love of black powder, firing pins, and cannon fire, or whatever the era’s current level of firearms dictates. They are masters of guns, forgoing the explosives-training that other gun bunnies take for better ability with their firearms.

Grit (Su): A gunlord gains grit, as the gunslinger class feature, except that she uses her Charisma in place of Wisdom when calculating her beginning grit each day.

Gunlord Deeds: At 2nd level, and every even level thereafter, a gunlord gains one gunslinger deed of her choice as a gunslinger of her gun bunny level. This replaces discoveries and explosives.

Blood Bullets (Su): Beginning at 4th level, if a gunlord has no ammunition remaining in her weapon, she can deal 1 damage to herself as a swift action to create and load her weapon with 1 normal bullet or cartridge. At 8th, 12th, 16th, and 20th level, she can take 1 additional damage and create 1 additional bullet or cartridge as part of the same swift action, up to her firearms’ capacity. If she wields more than one firearm, the gunlord can choose which of her weapons benefits from this. This damage cannot be prevented or redirected in any way, but it can be healed normally.

Cursed Bullets (Su): Beginning at 6th level, a gunlord can choose witch hexes in place of deeds. Using a hex gained in this way costs 1 grit point.