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Anti-Hero (Magical Hero Archetype)

Anti-heroes tread carefully between what is right and what must be done. Their methods are not always the ideal solutions, but they can produce results. Anti-heroes are sometimes evil, but never irredeemable.

Alignment: Any nongood.

Cohort: An anti-hero’s cohort is not as prominent, nor as powerful as other magical heroes’ cohorts, and the anti- hero often either fires their cohort or changes it for another that they feel is better suited to their goals.

At 1st level, the anti-hero gains cohort (rank 1) for 5 points, allowing him to trade his cohort in the same way a druid changes their animal companion. This alters and replaces the magical hero’s cohort.

Rejuvenation (Su): An anti-hero tends to rely on himself more than others. At 2nd level, he gains 1 rank of rejuvenation. This stacks with his normal progression in that attribute.