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Sunobi (Kunoichi Ninja Archetype)

The sunobi, or sand ninjas, are an elite group of kunoichi trained in the deserts of their world, learning how to manipulate sand to gain special abilities not available to those who learn from more traditional schools.

Desert Training (Ex): At 1st level, a sunobi gains Endurance as a bonus feat and a +2 competence bonus on Fortitude saves that stacks with the bonus granted by other schools, up to +6.

At 3rd level, the sunobi treats concealment caused by smoke, sand, or similar effects as partial concealment. At 9th level, he ignores it entirely.

At 6th level, the sunobi can spend 1 ki point as a standard action to gain a shield effect. At 12th level, he can spend 2 ki points instead as part of the same action to add a +2 enhancement bonus to his shield effect. This enhancement bonus becomes +3 at 15th level, and +4 at 20th level.

At 18th level, a sunobi can cast greater shadow conjuration and greater shadow evocation as spell-like abilities, spending 1 ki point per spell-level of the spells mimicked by either. The effects created use 1 lb. of sand per spell level as a material component that the sunobi carries with him. When the effect ends, the sunobi can use a full-round action to recover the sand used.

Desert training replaces the ninja school gained at 1st level, and the ninja tricks gained at 6th, 18th level, and 20th level.

Rank Advancement: A sunobi who pushes his desert training further gains the following benefits.

  • As a genin, you can use a standard action to create a masterwork weapon with which you are proficient out of sand weighing as much as the weapon would. The weapon lasts until you release it or for up to 1 hour per kunoichi level before it must be reformed.
  • As a chunin, your weapon becomes a bonded weapon, as the paladin class feature. Your effective paladin level is equal to half your kunoichi level.
  • As a jonin, you can spend 1 ki point per spell level to cast any transmutation spell you have either seen cast previously or spent at least 1 week per spell level researching beforehand.
  • As a kage, your effective paladin level is equal to your full kunoichi level.