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Practiced Doppelgänger (Shapechanger Archetype)

Doppelgängers are monstrous creatures who not only take the forms of different creatures, but also some semblance of their memories and talents. With effort, shapechangers can mimic some of the doppelgänger’s traits. As a practiced doppelgänger, the shapechanger poses more of a threat to those trained in different combat styles.

Hit Die and Base Attack: A practiced doppelgänger’s Hit Die is a d10, and her base attack is equal to her shapechanger level. This replaces wild shape.

Skill Ranks per Level: Practiced doppelgängers gain 4 + Int modifier skill ranks per level.

Weapon and Armor Proficiencies: Practiced doppelgängers are proficient with all simple and martial weapons as well as firearms. They are proficient with all armor (light, medium, and heavy) and shields (including tower shields). This alters the shapechanger’s weapon and armor proficiencies.

Evolution Pool: A practiced doppelgänger’s evolution pool is not as strong as other shapechangers. She gains one evolution at 1st level, plus additional evolution points at 3rd level, and every odd shapechanger level thereafter. This alters the progression of the shapechanger’s evolution pool.

Mimicry (Su): A practiced doppelgänger gains mimicry (rank 1) at 1st level, and increases her rank in mimicry by +1 at every even shapechanger level gained thereafter.

This alters the progression of mimicry and replaces shifter aspect.

Identity (Ex)*: At 5th level, a practiced doppelgänger gains a mundane identity. This functions as the vigilante’s many guises social talent. At 11th level, the practiced doppelgänger also gains everyman, and at 17th level, she gains any guise. This replaces chimeric aspect.

Detect Thoughts (Sp): Beginning at 6th level, a practiced doppelgänger can cast detect thoughts once per day. Beginning at 9th level, she can cast that spell twice per day, and at 12th level, she can cast it at will.