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Attributes is the generic term for every special thing a character can do outside of walking around and socializing. Attacks, saves, feats, spells, and other special features used to customize a race, class, or general point-based character are all attributes.

Some attributes grant new options to use in and out of combat. Others enhance things you can already do, or increase the power of another attribute you’ve already chosen. Most attributes have ranks that you can buy with your scaling pool of character points, but a few are one-time buys, a sort of capstone with a specific prerequisite.

There are 10 types of attributes described here, organized alphabetically by type. Unless stated otherwise, the maximum ranks in any single attribute are 10.

Class Levels and Hit Dice

Some of the attributes here refer to class levels or Hit Dice. Because each class level includes one Hit Die, it is safe to assume that any reference to class level also works if you have an equal number of Hit Dice or a combination of the two.


Attributes in Play Manga d20 sometimes draw energy from their users, whether to create a magical spell, fire a blast of power directly out of one’s forehead, or charge the core of a giant mecha. This energy comes from within, and it is only as strong as a character is focused.

A character who lacks understanding, attention, or awareness of others has a harder time tapping into their well of energy. Energy is represented as:

2 + the lowest modifier of Intelligence, Wisdom, or Charisma

A character regains all spent energy after resting for at least 8 hours.

Characters with the dynamic sorcery attribute gain additional energy per Hit Die, and the Extra Energy feat grants 5 energy every time it is chosen.

Class Energy: Almost every class that uses it refers to energy as something different, be it the channeled power of gods, grit, ki, or rage. Ultimately, it is all one and the same. When a character chooses a class with energy, they gain the pool of energy defined by that class if it is more than what they would already gain. Sources of energy do not otherwise stack.

Ex, Sp, and Su Attributes

Attributes can fall into one or more categories, depending on their origin/use. In general, an attribute is extraordinary (Ex) if it is non-magical and always present or usable because of the physiology of the user. If the attribute is magical or somehow limited by outside forces, it is probably supernatural (Su). If the attribute is wholly magical and governed through forces like arcane or divine power, it is spell-like (Sp). Exceptions to these are spelled out in the attributes themselves. If an attribute is not labeled, its function is largely determined by the character’s backstory, although the GM has final say on if the character’s spell resistance is a naturally occurring function of their being, for example, and the character should make note of the decision for future interactions.