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Anime Classes


    Class Point Deconstruction

    Every class found in the Pathfinder® Roleplaying Game can be broken down into a collection of points spread out over 20 levels. Using those points, one can construct new alternate, base, and even hybrid classes.

    Classes as represented here are balanced against a 300 point system (approximately 14 points per level +20 for the first class level bought) and their individual attributes, with ranks as appropriate, can be found later for use in building point-based characters. To demonstrate, the 11 core classes plus the summoner are also summarized with some new options after the new class section.

    Archetypes and Options

    Class archetypes are packages of attributes that replace portions of a class. They are usually worth the same total points as the attributes they replace, but can vary slightly in power level to meet their theme. Any additional cost associated with an archetype will be noted in its description.

    Class options replace individual class features.

    Race Points

    When building point-based characters, class and race points are identical and interchangeable. The limits and the progression are what determine their roles.

    Unchained Classes

    In its lifetime, the first edition of the Pathfinder® Roleplaying Game provided direct updates to four classes; namely the barbarian, the monk, the rogue, and the summoner. For the purposes of the point system created here, the “unchained” versions of these classes are the point of reference, as those classes line up accurately to the 300 point system—The original monk came in at 274 points, the rogue at 281, and the summoner at 325. The barbarian, as noted in other supplements, was primarily unchanged, though the rage mechanic itself was streamlined, leaving that class at 300 points total.