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Races 種族

This section introduces new options for several races found in the Pathfinder® Roleplaying Game. The races are summarized here, and their attributes are explained in greater detail in the next section.

When reading racial traits, each +1 indicates 1 additional rank in that ability.

A character who wants to play a race other than human has the option of playing one of the core fantasy races listed in Table: Races Summary or one of the common races provided in greater detail here.

Race Point Deconstruction

Every race found in the Pathfinder® Roleplaying Game can be broken down into a collection of points and attributes that determine if it is standard, advanced, or monstrous. Using those points, one can construct new races using the races here as guidelines.

When building a race, consider if that race will be standard (8-13 points before defects and restrictions), advanced (14-22 points), or monstrous (23 or more points). Some traits cost fewer points when packaged with a race or class. Use the values here as guidelines.